Trident Freedivers - line

Coastal Tour

$ 150 USD / person

The tour is about 3-4 hours total
(depending on location)

Experience required

  • All gear included
  • Instruction and safety demonstration
  • Transportation included
  • Gopro footage included
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Blue water Tour

Price on enquiry

The tour is 4 hours with options for extra hours
(depending on location)

Experienced spearo's only

  • All gear included
  • Bait and flasher
  • Transportation included
  • Snacks
  • Gopro footage included
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Spearfishing at night

$ 150 USD / person

Not Afraid of the dark ?
Come to dive with us under the magic stars of the Barbados sky.

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What's in the tours?

Trident Freedivers - line

Want to spear your own fish for dinner?
Coastal spearfishing is a great activity in sustainability and selective fishing while enjoying the marine environment and exploring the reefs of beautiful Barbados.
This tour requires no prior experience in spearfishing you just need to be in good health and be a confident swimmer!
The cost per person for the coastal spearfishing tour is $150 USD ($300 BBD) and includes all gear, instruction and safety demonstration and guidance. We also provide Gopro footage of the tour.

Usually we will pick you up or meet up at a designated location. I will teach you some basic breath hold and equalization techniques, go over the safety information briefing, teach you about a variety of Spearguns, pole spears and spearfishing equipment as well as tips for getting closer to fish and spotting the target species.
We target everything from lobster, lionfish, barracuda, mackerel and snappers.
We will get geared up and swim out from the beach.
Afterwards I will show you how to fillet the fish and we can all have hot tea and a snack on the beach.
The tour is about 4 hours total (this may vary depending on where you are staying as pick up times may vary).
Tour options are available- Morning tours 9am-1pm or Afternoon Tours 1-5pm. Both are productive however lionfish are often spotted around sunset and so the afternoon tours tend to have more yield in lionfish.

Blue water tours targeting pelagic fish are available year round. Barbados being an Atlantic Island there are always opportunities for targeting larger fish offshore.
This tour can only be booked by experienced spearos.
Included is ice, bait and flasher. Full spearfishing gear is also available for use however many people prefer to bring their own guns and equipment with them.
The guns available for blue water use are Rob Allen 130 set up with break away spear, float line and pressurized float.

Trident Freedivers - Learn to freedive

Learn to freedive

Learn freediving with a PADI certified instructor with training experience to let you enjoy the freediving joy and spirit.

Trident Freedivers - certification


With our 2 day course, we help all applicants to achieve the PADI freediving certification recognized worldwide.

Trident Freedivers - Safety


Rescue techniques are taught on all our freedive courses. We also teach EFR (Emergency First Response) and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) .

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